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Dr. Khaled Al Nuaimi is proud to welcome you to the house of excellent cure and elegant beauty – DR. KHALED AL NUAIMI SPECIALIZED CLINIC. Our Dermatology clinic in Dubai and Al Ain are state-of-the-art dermatology clinics. We specialize in skin treatments with latest technologies and non-surgical aesthetic procedures with best results.

The treatments at DR. KHALED AL NUAIMI SPECIALIZED CLINIC are highly safe, effective and performed by best dermatologist. Our services are rated 5 star by all our patients and customers. We have set gold standards in clinical excellence.

Our Aim is to be the best dermatology clinic in Dubai, Al Ain as well as the whole GCC. This is evident by our huge patient base in GCC.

We are always committed to use FDA an CE approved technology and our products are from some of the best beauty product firms in the world.

The combination of latest technology, best products & best dermatologist results in a more beautiful you and a great satisfaction for us.

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Dr Khaled Al Nuaimi - Best Dermatologist in Dubai & Al Ain
Dr Khaled Al Nuaimi is a well known Dermatologist in Dubai & Al Ain. He practices at Dr Khaled Al Nuaimi Specialized dermatology clinic in Dubai & Al Ain

The Dermatologist You Need!

Dr. Khaled Al Nuaimi is a well known dermatologist in Dubai. He is the founder & President of Middle East International Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine (MEIDAM) Conference in Dubai/UAE. His main interest is Advances in Dermato-immunology and laser fields.

With over years of experience and state of the art equipment, we have a very high patient satisfaction rate.

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Dr. Khaled Al Nuaimi

Consultant Dermatologist, Head Doctor

Why you choose our Clinic

Highly Skilled Doctors

Advanced Medical Equipment

High Quality Products

Customized Treatment Plans

Highly Trained Therapists

Excellent Patient Experience

Materials & Equipment

We use the newest Medical Equipment in our Clinic to provide the best services to our clients with the latest Technology. All our equipment is certified and inspected by the required authorities to upkeep the highest standards.

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