Lifting Threads

As the ageing process sets in, collagen production winds down, facial fat decreases and muscle tone slackens. The features sag and droop, changing the contours of the face. The forces of gravity are evident.
Reversing the effects of gravity requires that the sagging tissues be physically lifted and re-anchored for a more taut look. Traditionally a surgical face lift procedure with anesthesia, deep incisions and several stitches has been the only option. Effective as this is, it requires a lot of downtime, can be painful and is expensive. Today, Thread Lifts offer an attractive and practical non-surgical alternative that delivers on many of the same goals.
Non-surgical face lift procedures are performed by elevating skin with absorb able sutures or threads. These sutures, inserted subcutaneously, are introduced into the target areas with a micro-needle through tiny incisions. They are then pulled gently upwards, to elevate and lift the skin to turn back time – instantly.

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