Meso Therapy for Fat

The idea of dissolving the excess fat in certain localized areas of the body by injecting a fat burning (melting) substance into the unwanted fatty tissue is not new but the Mesotherapy technique used in its delivery has developed and became more refined, the Meso-dissolve solution injected itself has proven over the years to be very safe and effective.Therefore, Meso dissolve treatment has risen in popularity over the last few years.
Mostly noninvasive, simple and fast, it can be completed in few minutes at the Doctor’s office.
It is an excellent alternative to the more invasive liposuction procedures for certain low volume but crucial areas such as sub-mental fat ( so called double chin ), love handles fat, upper arms excess fat, inner knees fat, …etc
It is also effective in post liposuction residual fat and resistant cellulite especially when we combine it with our new modality laser treatment directed to melting unwanted localized fat.

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